Thursday, September 4, 2008

The IT Girl

This Tia...
Tia is that natural chick that you ALWAYS wanted hair like hers...She's always wearing it in some fly style, and you just want to walk up to her and sink your fingers into her Fro. She's that chick that you look at sideways and suck your teeth and say, "She think she cute...." She's also the same diva that people always talk to her hair...(If you've never gotten your hair talked to, it's an interesting experience, trust)...
Tia is gracing the blog with a new perspective...SOMEBODY WHO HAS NEVA, EVA HAD A RELAXER (*shocks*)

Introducing, MRS. Tia...

How long have you been natural?-Since the day I was born. My mother never relaxed her hair or ours.

How do you describe your hair?-THICK! I am not sure about the type because 3 different textures going on. The back looks like I have 'mixed' hair, the sides are really curly but the middle is kinky.

Favorite products?-Shea butter. My number one must have. I use it every way possible.

I wonder how many people ask her if that puff is real????

Worst product you've ever used? Why?-Hair spray aka 'Spritz'. I can't stand the stuff. It made my hair hard, brittle, sticky, and just plan sick looking.

How do you wear it for work?-I love my puff and a twist out for work. They are both really quick to do. Just fluff and go.

How often do you wash and condition?-I don't shampoo often but I do co-wash 1-3 times a week. In the summer I may actually co wash everyday but that is because I sweat. As far as shampooing I try not to do it more than every other week unless my hair really needs cleansing.

What do you love about your hair?-The versatility. I feel like I can do so much more with my hair in its natural state and I love the fact that I don't blend in with the crowd. No one remembers the girl with the straight hair but if you have a huge fro you get all the attention.

Fro so big you can barely get it in the picture....

Do you have any hair goals?-Only to continue to have healthier hair. I am considering locs but that is still up in the air. I have reached the length I desired and I am very happy with what I have.

What is (are) your staple style (s)?-That changes with the season. In the spring I rock twists and cornrows, in the summer wash n go's, then in the fall and winter twist outs & braid outs.

Can you believe she did these HERSELF!!!!!!!

Do you have any hair challenges? -Not really. I need one. Any suggestions?

Any advice to transisitioners or newly naturals?-Don't do everything that everyone tells you. Your hair is different from the next, so trial and error should be your best friend until you find out what your hair likes. Also, being natural is more than just a fashion statement-it takes time, effort, and patience but if you stay dedicated the results will be worth it.


Suite B said...

Go ahead BAB sista

Gotta say that this site just made stopped me from putting a perm in my head.

Kendra said...

Her hair is gorgeous! Thanks for the tips!

tia_reed said...

Tia you are sooo beautiful! No Homo... I love your hair, it's gorgeous!

Elisa said...

Tia your hair is beautiful! I wish my mother never started relaxing my hair in the 3rd grade! But hey you live and you learn. I'm newly natural and LOVIN' it!

Cherise said...

Tia, your hair is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful.