Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kickin' it OLD SKOOL!

My mom used to use this stuff on our hair years ago, and I must say I loves the stuff...It's a leave in conditioning treatment. For curly and coarse hair - helps smooth away rough cuticles and tangles. Moisturizes to reduce dryness and frizziness. Improves manageability. Increases shine. You can get it from Sally's Beauty Supply...or online...
It makes my hair softer...Helps with detangling, and gives my tresses some strength...

Here are the types out there:

Double 007 for Fine/Limp hair
Doubel 0233 for Chemically treated hair
Double 0619 for Dry/coarse hair (the one I use)

The blurby-blurb:

See what Fermodyl products can do for your hair:
Improve damaged hair after a relaxer or perm
Restore moisture to dry, dull hair
Enhance colour shine after a colour service
Add fullness and volume to thinning hair
Build body in fine hair

Here's a slick chart to see which one is best for your situation:


Gia said...

i have to go looking for this Ree. I've never seen it before, although I have seen similiar 'bottles'. thanks for sharing!

Bronze Trinity said...

I used to use this product and it worked really well. I would buy it again if I saw it.