Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Mrs. Sunshine!

I love this Diva. She WORKS it...

Met her on Nappturality years ago, and found that we were "hair cousins", lol! I'd always stalk Mia's album to see what she was doing. She's the reason I dyed my hair...Her color changes every couple of years or so, and she wears it so well! I swear she's so gorgeous and shows just how beautiful natural hair can be. You look at pictures of her with her confidence and beauty and wonder WHY anyone would want to be anything BUT natural. She's truly inspirational. Thanks Mia for being showcased!
Oh and in I'm Not Lye-ing fashion, please spin "Lady Marmalade" (the ORIGINAL by the Labelles) when reading! Thank ya! ::finger snaps::

1. When did you go natural (How long have you been natural)?

I decided to stop relaxing my hair in February of 2003. I got my new growth pressed until about June, when I decided (after being convinced by a friend to just cut it all off) to call my beautician and schedule an appointment to get it all cut off. After I did, I was left with about 2 inches of hair.

2. How did you transition? Braids, weaves, straightening, nothing...

I guess I would say I didn’t even know I was transitioning when I was getting my new growth pressed. So at the time, I wouldn’t have said I was “transitioning”. But, looking back, I guess I did by straightening.

3. How long did you transition?

I transitioned for 4 months.

4. What made you want to go natural?

Well, my mom (and later my sis) cannot get relaxers or hair dye because they are highly allergic.. Several years ago, I started thinking, “hey, maybe this is going to happen to me one day, so what am I going to do?!” Well, I always had liked Aaliyah’s hair, and had long heard that she did not get relaxers. So I said, okay, I’ll give that a shot, too, and start getting it pressed. Now, I decided to go NATURAL after talking with a friend who used to go to my parent’s church. She was already natural and kept telling me, “you should just do it…cut it all off”. She told me about Nappturality, and I started staring for HOURS at a time at all of these beautiful women with their BEAUTIFUL natural hair. So, I said, okay, I’m cutting it!

5. Has going natural changed anything about you?

I think it’s given me more self confidence, really. I can’t say I was really self conscious, but prior to the time when I did go natural, I could never see myself doing something so drastic with my hair. But now I love it…and I don’t care what people think of it.

6. What is your signature style, or what is your favorite style?

Hmm…I’d have to say my signature/favorite style is wearing it out….and as LARGE AS POSSIBLE J

7. Do you have a favorite style?

I love twistouts…and puffs are always handy!

8. What products do you love?

I LOVE Aura’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. I also kinda love Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme (I’m not really a product junkie).

9. Any advice for the newly natural or transitioning?

LOL…see above…..DON’T GET SUCKED INTO BUYING TOO MANY PRODUCTS! It’s so not worth it! Over the years I’ve learned that less is more, and you don’t need to buy all of these different products to get your hair a certain way…isn’t that just going back to the idea of relaxing, to get the hair to BE a certain way? Just let it BE!


Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Simply Beautiful!

B. Fly said...

OMG! This is my friend from middle school. Thanks so much for posting this. I thought of her when I first BCed. I'll have to dig up her email address and contact her.