Friday, October 24, 2008

Tress Dressed is NOW open...sorta...

I've almost got it together! My Esty store is almost up, as is the website Since I've been getting orders and emails for items, I wanted to get something up in the meantime. Here are pictures of all of the facinators that I have for sell right now. Prices vary, but the goal is for all pieces to be less than $25.00 each (custom orders are the exception, of course). Each piece has been named after either a Diva I'm inspired by, or by the Diva who purchased the orginal piece. Names of items will change with the piece.

Because each fascinator is handmade, no two are exactly alike. Requests for duplicates can be made, however. Thanks for all the love and support!


Trice $16.50

Stacy $16.50

Senam $20.00

Monique $17.50 (SOLD)

Lauren $16.50

Elizabeth $16.50

Shalonda $16.50

Von $25.00 (SOLD)

Candra $14.50

Barbara $9.50 (SOLD)

Dricka $9.50

April Pink $7.50 (SOLD)

April Blue $7.50 (SOLD)

Jada $21.50

Ambra $16.50

Roda $16.50

Shipping and handling is an additional $5.00. I will combine multiple items into one shipment.

Email me at to purchase through PayPal!


jenteel said...

these are fabulous!
great job sis!

Superwoman said...
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Superwoman said...

I think those are soooo classy!!

Cherise said...


I love your new business venture. Wishing you much success!

Anonymous said...

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