Sunday, August 10, 2008

Broke my comb...

Okay, not anymore...Man, let me say that non-nappies are in the comb making business...Sure, I could go buy one of those pics with the fist, but those don't do the job for me...One thing that's a universal Nappy Love is the Denman brush. Get one...They're cool...They don't rip your hair out, they last a long time...You can get them from Sally Beauty supply...

When washing, choose a wide tooth comb. I have one that i've been using for 10 years...No joke...I think I've more than gotten my money's worth...It's been a trooper...It's never lost a tooth...The plastic hasn't shred or done anything weird...It's a necessity...I've lost a few combs in my hair (seriously), but the wide tooth comb has held up!

and for smoothing the edges...(or Kitchen...tee-hee), love my trusty boar's bristle brush.


Una said...

I sent my dear husband, who is white, to the store to buy me a comb because I had broken all of my others. He comes back rather upset, "This all I could find." He says throwing the combs on the table. "They make such cheap combs." He was so sweet to feel my hair comb issues. He actually started getting upset when my hair was relaxed. He loved my long hair, and would buy me combs and brushes that I would faithfully break.

He is now in love with my natural hair and protects it like gold. So now he is making sure the comb won't break or hurt my hair.

We were just looking at your blog and I showed him the Denman. We are on our way to get one today.

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