Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Journey

Deciding to go natural is NOT easy...There are so many things a lot of women have to contend with.

1. Her self esteem
2. Support (or lack of support) from friends and family
3. Fear of the unknown

Sounds like something straight out of a psychology textbook, doesn't it? It really is a big decision. I'm not here to debate the nuances of the relationship between black women and their hair (although I'll make many an off-color joke or comment here and there), rather I'm here to share my journey and hopefully help someone interested in wearing their hair in its natural, relaxer-free state.

So, what do you need to transition? I'm not going to say, "Products and a good pair of scissors"...At least not yet. The first thing you need is a very, very large dose of patience, perserverance, and really, really thick skin. You have to be ready to give up just about everything you thought you knew about your hair because in all honesty, when's the last time you saw it in its natural state? You're going to have people discourage you from going natural. It's inevitable. Hopefully you'll learn early to shake the haters off, because that's what they are...Haters...They mean well, but they don't understand your journey...You're also going to have to spend a lot of time experimenting with products and styles...Some styles will look bangin' on you...some will look....well...a mess...And at the end of the day, it's alright.

So, dig right in and go for it! I'm here to support you and be your cheerleader! If you have any questions or comments, email me at! Good luck, lovelies!


Mikimu said...

I wish I would have run across your blog about a month ago. I just did my Big Chop on March 1st and it definitely has been a mixed bag of emotions. The real fun has been dealing with all of comments from white & (surprisingly) black folks. I am in this for the long haul though!

Miss Malorie said...

I just ran across your blog tonight when I'm supposed to be working, lol.

I just BC'ed on March 8th, and though I threw on my thick skin, I think I would have just about collapsed if that first day when I went to work with barely any hair on my head, if somebody hadn't made a nice comment, lol.

You're right--you have to have thick skin and just understand that not everyone will understand your journey, or have something nice to say about it.

There's something about changing your hair that makes the haters come out the woodwork like nobody's business! ;)