Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mrs. Saucy...

I love this girl! She's such a doll...Whenever she smiles, you can't help but get all warm and fuzzy inside...I've never met her in person, but she's been an online buddy of mine for about a year. We planned our weddings together on The Knot and Brown And Bridal. And you should see her photos!!!! Amazing...Anyhoo...
Kendra, a.ka. Busybodyk is a natural in ATL. She's got great fiery kinks and coils. I literally squealed when she agreed to be showcased on I'm Not Lye-ing. Thanks Kendra!!!

1. How long did you transition? - 9 months. I braided my hair, did twist sets and even straightened it a time or two.
2. When did you BC - About 9 months after my last perm. I couldn't take it anymore! LOL I loved the feel of my natural hair growing in. It felt so soft and nice. My ends felt like straw and the spot where they met was a tangled mess. Styling became hard and I was tired of braids. It was time but I was nervous. I asked my boyfriend (now husband) to meet me at the hair dresser after it was cut. He was so sweet, telling me how beautiful I was and took me out for drinks to celebrate. We ran into some friends and they loved my new look. I had a huge smile. I couldn't get over how great I looked. I fell in love with my hair for the first time ever. Now its a full blown love affair.
3. How do you style from day to day? Do you style differently for work? - Most days during the winter I do a roller set. This style is good for casual and work. I normally set it on Sunday so its tightly curled on Monday and the curls get looser by Friday. By the weekend my hair looks really cool and I can get it to look wild or tame. In the summer I wash n go using Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I wear a fro or pull my hair up into a high puff most days. These are really easy looks to achieve. Most days I spend 5 minutes or less on my hair.

4. Have you ever gotten negative feedback for your choice to be natural at work? - No. I don't think anyone at work has a problem with it. I have never felt embarrassed or had people make comments on my hair other than positive ones. I even went on job interviews and got a new job with natural hair. One thing I have noticed is that my hair doesn't make that much of a difference unless you are focused on it. Outside of work, I have gotten the most compliments from black men. Sometimes they want to touch my hair and they seem like they have more respect for me or something (interesting).

5. What are your favorite styles? -I love to: Twist set -

Puff -

6. What are your favorite products? Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, moisturizer...Shampoo - Elucence Moisture Benefits ShampooConditioner - Elucence Moisture Balancing ConditionerLeave in conditioner - Mixed Chicks leave in ConditionerSetting lotion/foam - IC Styling Foam (no alcohol!)Moisturizer - Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream
7. Do you have any hair goals? I just want my hair to be healthy.

8. Do yo have any challenges with your hair that you're working through? i.e. styling challenges, growth challenges, etc. How are you addressing them? - My hair not growing as fast as I would like. I thought my natural hair would grow faster. I don't think it is but I am over it. I just want healthy hair. I think I'm doing a good job at that.

9. Has your decision to be natural changed anything about you? - I think I feel so much better about the way I look, even on BAD hair days. It just doesn't affect me as much. I don't even like the way my hair looks straight anymore. I think I've gained a new kind of respect for my hair and what it does naturally but at the same time I know I am not my hair.

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