Sunday, August 10, 2008

Product Love...

When I was on Nappturality all the time, there was a sista there with the baaaannnnggginest (banginest? not a word? yes, is today...) hair I've EVA seen. Honeychild is her name... She's so gorgeous, and her hair is unfreaking believeable! So when she started selling hair products, I was not surprised. She always had such great advice and gave wonderful "sista girl" support. Love her guts....

Anyway, I've purchased products from her a few times, and I've always LOVED her line. OYIN HANDMADE, people...(

She's expanded her offerings so much, and I've not tried 1/2 of it, but here's a list of the things that I've always loved.

The Grand Poo Bar. Wow...I just thought of something. This was the first shampoo bar that I've ever used. (Moment of silence, please.....) Okay. Here's the deal with this stuff. NO sulfates in this shampoo bar...At all! This bar has great suds too. The only down side is that it's in a bar...That's actually NOT a down side, just something you have to get used to. I literally just jam the bar in my hair and get to "shampooing"...She's got more poetic instructions, but that's basically how it's done. 2.7 oz bar for $7.

Greg Juice.

Liquid love...I don't know how this stuff does what it does, but it does it...:/ It's a moisturizing leave-in condish. You spray on thirsty tresses when they need some extra lovin'. Oh, and it smells like Froot Loops. If you don't like that scent, they also sell the Frank Juice, which smells of Frankinsense and Myrrh... 8oz for $9.00

Whipped Pudding. This is one of those "beginner" products for me. If you're still "greasing" your scalp with Petroleum based "grease", STOP...I'mma talk about you. Please replace it with this product. Why? Not because I said (not a bad reason, though), BUT because it's a great "good for your hurr" product. The site says, "It’s a mixture of rich botanical butters & oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, and castor oil; blended with plenty of pure aloe vera gel and spring water for lightness & penetration." I agree. It costs more than 'grease', but it's better for your hair....STEP AWAY FROM THE GREASE, and step into the light of Whipped Pudding...I no longer use this, as I make my own by the vat, but I'm always suggesting that people buy this if they're not into mixing it up themselves. 8oz for $16.00

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Giavana said...

my interest is piqued...gonna check out website! still not ready to go natural but I could always use better products