Monday, August 11, 2008


I love seeing women with natural hair REALY rock it. I mean in a sea of weaves and straight hair, you will ALWAYS notice the sista with the big, bouncy fro! (No disrespect to the straight sistas...) AND she's always the one with the MOST 'tude, confidence, and flair...I'd like to also think that EVERYONE wants our hair, lol...Okay...I know that's pushing it, but I honestly do think that...(tee-hee)

Anyway, in my lack-o-love for the lye, I'm going to be showcasing some 'sacuy' sistas who have hair that I LOVE.

The first Diva to christen the blog is Gabbi. Fluffy heart this girl! She's fly. She's on Brown and Bridal with me and she has the cutest fro. Here's why I loves me some Gabbi. Her hair color is BANGIN'...I've never been able to successfully pull off hair color, so I asked her to grace us with some advice and such about being natural and wearing color...

Look at this Diva!
Note the scarf! Love that...Scarves totally take a style to the "hotness" level...

Umm...Love her color...Fierce...

Twist out queen...Y'all tell Gabbi she's HAWT!!!

Last pic...This is a week after her BC. Short hair is the business...She gets extra points for rocking it THIS short!

Okay...without further delay....Introducing Gabbi!

Her hair stats:
Chop/Nappy date: September 2006
Length of Transition: 9 weeks - hair was already short; the goal was to just get a good amount of new growth.

HOW you successfully take care of your color treated hair? Nothing different; I discovered castor oil a little over a year into my hair journey & it worked for me! Co-wash once a week & rub castor oil into my scalp & hair afterwards...the moisture lasts all week.

What made you want to color? I had color before going natural & just wanted it back.

What are some of your challenges with it being color treated? The biggest is the color 'taking!' - Relaxers & all those chemicals actually help colors stick to your hair (or so a stylist told me). With none of that on, nothing took - no brown, no auburn, no golden bronze. After 4 attempts, I finally had to dye it blond to get a subtle auburn shade. Crazy.
What colors will you try next? I've been everything from blond to crayon red...the auburn highlights are just fine.
Got any words of advice to people transitioning and looking for a change?

1. Don't be afraid to chop it all off - I got the MOST compliments from guys in this hair phase. :-) But on a more serious note, starting over is a trying, but very awakening experience, and your hair does NOT grow evenly. Once that relaxer is cut off, it'll take even more cutting to even it all out.
2. Don't think natural hair - whether it's teeny-weeny fro's, big ones, twists, etc. - isn't a professional / presentable look. It couldn't be farther from the truth.

3. Don't tell everybody what you're doing until close the big chop or final cut. My mom & sister were ready to start a petition for me to get a perm once they found out, and some of my friends were so negative about why I'd want an afro. Had I not been so adamant about going natural, I could've easily been discouraged by the surprising lack of support I got from so many people.

4. - go ahead and throw away everything you use on your relaxed hair & get tips from the girls on here! Seriously, most of that stuff won't work on your natural texture, and you'd be surprised at the things you'll need to experiment with to get your natural hair to a healthy state.

Are you a Saucy Sista? Email me with pictures, and tell me why! I'd love to showcase you!


Amber said...

Gabbi looks DevaSTating!! I love the new blog Ree. It has me considering going natural.

Andrea said...

I love the hair Gabbi! You definitely rock it!

Andrea said...

I forgot to add I esecially like your hair in your bridal pics! Just plain ole HAWT!

Von said...

Gabbi's hair is a killa!!! Like Gabbi, I too could've easily been discouraged by the ignorant hair comments made by my family members. If anything, it inspired me to keep going. Very well said, Gabbi.

anastasia said...

I think Gabbie is Fierce BAB with 3 snaps and a twist