Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Please play the Ohio Player's cut "Fire" while reading this post...

Ladies and Gents, I give you Her Royal Hotness...Von...

Von is an online BFF of mine representing South Carolina. She cracks me up EVERY SINGLE DAY...She's an absolute doll, and she's HOT! Von is transitioning, like a CHAMP! I was able to be a part of her decision to go natural, and I'm soooo honored she agreed to be showcased on I'm Not Lye-ing.

I've asked Von to talk about her transitioning experience so she can give a first hand account of her triumphs, struggles, and everything that goes into ditching the creamy crack!
When did you start to transition? November 2007

What made you decide to stop relaxing? Inspiration from other natural ladies. I was tired of the constant shedding and thinning. Going natural was the only hair regimen I hadn't tried to improve my hair's health.
How are you transitioning? braids, wigs, weaves, nothing... I would wear a sew-in for 1½-2 months, then wear my hair (fro) for 2 months, and then another sew-in, and so forth.

What do you do during the “rough” times to help you get through? I honestly haven't had those moments...yet. I've been cutting my ends almost monthly, so I haven't had a problem with managing the 2 textures.

What/Who is your inspiration? Ree, of course.lol What keeps me inspired is the thought that ONE day, I would have a head full of healthy hair, which I haven't had since I was 3 years old (b4 the creamy crack). I, too, one day want to be the inspiration for someone else. So, I must keep going.

How long will you transition? One year, and then I'll do the BC.

What styles do you wear the most? When I'm not wearing my fro, I'm wearing a sew-in.

What products do you use? Shea butter mixture (raw shea butter, tea tree/olive/jojoba oil, Infusium leave-in conditioner, & Creme of Nature leave-in conditioner) for moisturizer, the Creme of Nature line, & Infusium leave-in. I want to try Curlz or Kinky Curlz, but the prices are too steep for me.

Do you have any advice to those wishing to transition? DO IT!! Don't just do it b/c the natural styles look cute but for the health of your hair. It's not going to be easy, and it can make you feel like you want to give up. Your fam & friends may say the most hurtful things about your hair. Your 2 textures may not always agree. Your hair may tangle. You may want to SCREAM!! My advice is...listen to your hair!! If the 2 textures don't agree, then do not be afraid to chop those relaxed ends off. If your hair is dry, give it moisture. Be good to your hair and it will be good to you.
::ree waves church fan:: You betta PREACH!!!

Umm, this is how it's done, people! She's bout it!!! 2 dang inches at once...She's not trimming...This is what folks call a "mini-chop"...



Awww shiggidity! I am inspired! As soon as winter is done, its on and poppin for the BC!

Giavana said...

oh wow Von. its less than a year since you began and look where you are...go head on girl!!! your 'fros' are cute!