Monday, August 11, 2008


Every nappy knows that a part of being nappy is becoming a serious product "cook". Because there aren't many readily available products out there, many a nappy has resorted to mixing it up herself! Dang the industry!!!! Unfortunately, the cry for more natural and pure products is not being heard as loudly and as clearly as we'd like. There are some amazing products out there, but you usually have to buy them online, OR they're expensive!!!

So, here are a list of recipes that I've tried over the years...

My "concoction" (I really need a name for this stuff, hit me up if you have one...)

What it does: It's a leave-in condish. It's got a medium hold. Not too light, not too heavy. It keeps my hair moisturized and keeps it from frizzing out of control (because of the setting lotion). My hair stays "moveable".

For 16 oz.

8oz conditioner (nothing expensive. My favorite is Suave Humectant)

6oz setting lotion (I use Lotta Body)

2 oz of oil (this can be mixed. For ex. 1 oz sweet almont and 1 oz castor oil OR you can substitute one of the ounces of oil for Glycerine...)

This recipe is very easy to manipulate based on your environment. When I visit my mom and sister in Orlando, FL, I change the recipe to:

6 oz conditioner

8oz setting lotion

1oz oil

1oz glycerine

In the winter, I change it to:

10 oz condish

4oz setting lotion

2oz oil

To make this into a spritz. Put 1/2 of the mixture in a spray bottle and add 8 to 12 oz of distilled or spring water. Shake vigiorously to mix. I use the spritz between applications of the "concoction". For example, I get up in the am, spritz my hair down, shake...and go...

Knock-Off Curly Pudding

I used this a few times, and ultimately it was too heavy for my hair. I think it would work really well on thicker tresses. The recipe is like Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. If you're feeling particularly "saucy" try the shingling method that's on their site.

From Just_QT from (I tweaked it some so the numbers make sense)

11oz of any curl activator gel (like Worlds of Curls)

3 ounces of your favorite oil

4 oz. of Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E oil gel

essential oil fragrance to your liking (Optional)

whip/mix let sit about 5 minutes ....and you are speed dry time....sit under a hood hair dryer.

Honey and Olive oil Conditioner

This is like a hot oil treatment pumped up. The honey is a natural humectant, and the olive oil adds the conditioning you need.

1/2 cup of honey

1/4 cup of Olive oil

Heat for about 20 seconds in the microwave to warm a little. Section your hair, and slather all over paying attention to the fragile ends. Cover with a plastic cap and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes.

Rinse REALLY, REALLY, REALLY REALLY well...Like when you think you've rinsed enough, do it that much longer...Don't want your ears stuck to your head... ;)

Okay...That's enough for now...Try 'em and let me know how they worked for you!!!


misss_e said...

love this blog! I love the name too! Keep it are so creative!

Giavana said...

would you recommend your 'concoctions' for relaxed hair?

ChariseRaynee said...


The concoction is for moisture and hold. If you wear a "set", because of the setting lotion, it would work well...Also, if you wear your hair in a "wash and go" it'll keep it tamed...I say give it a try...

Giavana said...

Thanks Ree,
I will give it a try!

Anonymous said...

How do you use your concoction and spritz. Do you add the leave-in to towel dried hair or very wet hair? Do you hood dry or air dry? Does it dry clear? Also what do you do at night? Do you braid or just wrap your hair up?

Thanks for any answers

blackdawn said...

Ok so, I am mad late on this but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing the recipe for the knock off curly pudding. I made some and it works wonderfully on my hair. Good looking out mama! :)